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What to wear
Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Many people view a concert as a special occasion to dress up. However, no matter what you wear, you will fit right in. Do consider bringing a sweater or light jacket, as our venues are air conditioned. Dress code may apply to special events.

Because you are in a closed space with a lot of other people, concerts are a good time to leave your sweet or strong smelling perfumes and colognes at home. Clean clothes and good grooming are all that is needed to make a great impression on your surrounding concert goers.

Kids encouraged
 Many of our events are family friendly. Please use your own judgment about the ability of your child to sit through a 2 hour performance. If your child becomes restless or noisy, the courteous thing to do is take them out of the concert hall. If you do bring a small child, let us know when you purchase your tickets, so we can find you seats that best accommodate your needs.

Arrive on time
All concerts start promptly at the published time printed on your ticket. Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the ushers, and may be seated in locations other than those with which they are ticketed. Please arrive early to park your car and find your seat.

Hang onto your belongings
As we record most concerts, dropping items onto the floor (usually program books), can cause both a disturbance in the hall and on the recording. Also, please refrain from hanging coats and other belongings from the balcony railings.

Stay in your seat
After the performance has started, please try to remain in your seat. If you need to move, please wait until a break in the music, between songs or movements. Climbing over anyone while music is playing isn't polite behaviour, unless there is a real emergency.

Cameras and recording devices
Leave cameras and recording devices at home. They aren't permitted at any of our concerts and may be confiscated by an usher.

Cell phones and pagers
Please turn off your cell phone, pager or other electronic devices. If you use your phone at intermission, be sure to turn it back off before returning to your seat.

If you have to cough, try to muffle it with your hand or handkerchief. If coughing persists, discreetly excuse yourself for a few moments for it to subside.

When to clap
If you are unsure of whether or not clapping is appropriate, follow the lead of other audience members around you. At most classical concerts, applause is reserved until the end of an entire piece of music with silence between movements. For jazz, world and other music, applause is usually welcomed whenever the spirit moves you.