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Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Much of the success of the Festival of the Sound results from the major commitment of our “working” Board. Our Directors contribute significant time and skills to ensure the objectives for each season are exceeded. We greatly appreciate their exceptional – and volunteer – efforts. 

Ian Fleming, McDougall - President

Donald Sanderson, Parry Sound - Vice President 

Agnes Wong, Parry Sound - Secretary

Susan McEachern, Parry Sound - Treasurer


Cathy Ballantyne, Parry Sound

Elaine Blacklock, Sudbury

Elizabeth Browne, McDougall

Valerie Cramp, Parry Sound

Dan DiNicolo, Parry Sound

Frans Donker, Toronto

Steven Duff, Parry Sound

Winfer Foster, Parry Sound

Sherry Gerstl, Parry Sound

Carol Hawken, Parry Sound

Brian Oxley, McDougall

Linda Piché, Parry Sound

Siegfried Quickert, Toronto

Bonnie Ramsay, Parry Sound

Courtney Smith, Parry Sound





James Campbell, Artistic Director

Alison Scarrow-McGarvey, Executive Director


Rob Wood, Operations Manager

Thomas Millband, Business Analyst

Chris Todd, Production Manager

Meghan Morrison, Senior Administrative Assistant

Eran Foster, Box Office Assistant

Kennedy Munro, Box Office Assistant

Joshua Downs, Box Office Assistant


For proposal submissions or to contact James Campbell, a Board Member or Staff please send information to info@festivalofthesound.ca and we will forward it accordingly.